Blue Gel Ant Castle, Ant Farm with Connecting Tubes

  • PARADISE FOR ANTS - Except clear gel for watching ants create 3D tunnels, nursery portion to see how ants nurture their young, feeding system to feed them, our advanced version provides tubes for ant farm connecting! This will give more space for ants moving, they could go to the nursery and feeding area through the route they like, ants could also hanging around from one ant farm to another if you connect 2 or more ant farms with tubes, how amazing to observe these little guys playing!
  • SMART DESIGN - Our unique ant castle has aperture designed on the lid of the feeding system makes easier for loading ants into the container and more convenience of ventilation, Meanwhile, the feeding and watering holes make the ant farm more interactive than others. The translucent gel offers a new and Unique Perspective from that of soil-based habitats, plus, the blue gel with nutrition and don’t worry ants have nothing to eat if you not feed them.
  • WHAT YOU GOT - Ant Farm with gel pre-filled x1, Plastic tube x2, magnifying glass x1, plastic pipette x1, nipper x1, cotton pad x2, manual x1, thanks card x1. Product Size: 4 1/4" L * 4 1/4"W * 4"H.
  • ATTENTION - Live ants are not included. You could buy ants from trustworthy sources or order online but make sure you will carefully check if they arrive alive, we suggest harvester ants or carpenter ants and over ¼ long, 10-15 ants are preferred.

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Category: Ant Farm, Toys

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