About Us

NAVAdeal Group, which operates the NAVAdeal.com website, was founded in 2010 by two women entrepreneurs from Shanghai. Our goal was to create an ecommerce network that would streamline global logistics by leveraging our knowledge of retail merchandising, international trade, and product development.

The product offerings on NAVAdeal.com target the needs of the vibrant millennial lifestyle. NAVAdeal’s customers enjoy ready access to a wide range of attractive and innovative merchandise in categories such as home and garden, arts and crafts, health and beauty, outdoor and sports gear, and electronics. The site’s compelling design and functionality is designed to match the appeal of the product line.

NAVAdeal is also an authorized reseller for many major brands and products.

Meet The Team

Nicole Qiaoling Guan

Founder and President

Prior to founding Navadeal In 2010, Ms. Guan gained a broad range of skills and was exposed to the challenges and opportunities of global commerce from a variety of perspectives. Her early professional roles (including work for a leading New York-based PR agency and at a major supplier of textile products for the QVC home shopping channel) involved regular travel to the US, providing her with expertise in, and a passion for, the international marketplace.

While exploring entrepreneurial opportunities to address market needs that would support her personal growth. She identified a need for internet services to support the explosive growth in cross-border trading. This led to the launch of NAVAdeal and its website to connect Asian products with North American markets. From her base in Shanghai, she provides guidance to the San Francisco office, to ensure ongoing excellence and innovation in NAVAdeal’s business operations.

Ms. Guan is a dedicated marathon runner, a sponsor of and volunteer for animal protection groups, and a national beauty pageant finalist.

Fiona Lingmin Zhang
Partner & Chief Operating Officer

While working in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and The UK for global brands such as IKEA, Marks, and Spencer, Ms. Zhang became familiar both manufacturing regions and with the retail and design hubs in the global economy. When NAVAdeal was founded, she realized it was an ideal opportunity to apply her experience to address one of the most vibrant opportunities emerging in global commerce.

Ms. Zhang spends most of her time in the Shanghai office managing the buying and merchandising operations. As Chief Operating Officer, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and facilities.

Ms. Zhang is a passionate devotee of Tango and looks forward to visiting Argentina to immerse herself in the world of dance. She is also a seasoned traveler who loves to share tips with friends.

Our Offices

Brisbane (San Francisco) Office

NAVAdeal’s bay area office provides access to the talent, technology, and entrepreneurial resources. Recently relocated to the beautiful sunny seaside city of Brisbane, the office manages NAVAdeal’s creative and design activities, marketing and research, with showroom and North America fulfillment operations.

You can also found our online stores over global marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon US, UK, Europe, and Canada.


Shanghai Head Office

Located in Shanghai, the “Paradise Of Adventurers," the home office benefits from that city’s heritage of global business culture that dates back more than 5,000 years. From the days of the silk road to its current role as the global center of the manufacturing center, Shanghai continues to be a vital hub in the evolution of global commerce. Navadeal’s product development, sourcing, global fulfillment, and e-commerce team are based in the Shanghai head office.