Pink Soft Fleece Cotton Pet Home Cat Dog House Bed Mat Size M

This pet bed is a perfect, warm, cozy home for your adorable pet to have a rest and sleep. It is made of soft PP cotton which could keep your little pet warm all the time and feel comfortable. Since you use this pet bed, you will have no worry about your pet’s getting cold or flu or skin damage due to it can not find a suitable, warm place to sleep or rest but have to go anywhere it can find, including someplace dirty, cold,rough,hard like marble floor tile, wooden floor, which may hurt it. There’s a removable soft pet mat ,placed at the middle of the nest, collecting most of the pet’s hair, for your convenient washing and letting you get rid of the trouble of your pet's going anywhere else where you don't want it to stay to sleep or rest and leaving it’s hair there to make a mess of your tidy, clean home circumstances.

Product Features
Color: Pink
Size M  (45cm L x 40cm W x 16cm H)

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Category: For Pet