KOR Aura Water Bottle

KOR Aura Water Bottle

Helps You Drink More Water

We love a design challenge. That's why we decided to create a vessel that exceeded our standards for style and performance, while also offering great value. Its inviting twist-off cap shields the mouthpiece from germs and dirt. Its sleek, tapered profile is pleasing. And its Perfect Spout™ is a delight to drink from.

Behind the Aura

Designed by you.

Having established the brand in niche markets with sophisticated features and functional benefits, KOR has identified broader markets by adapting materials and design. The Aura mimics the tapered obelisk profile and ergonomics of the company’s stainless steel Vida, but it is made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, like KOR One and Delta.

Aura’s subtly tapered shape and utilitarian handle make it easy to grasp, and the weight distribution makes it less likely to tip over in a cup holder when you hit a curve. Available in 750 ml. and 500 ml. sizes, Aura is the lightest, most affordable and ecological of KOR products to date, due to less material used.

“Aura is still rugged and has our quality elements that the consumer expects and loves, like the thread-less spout and perfect diameter, whether you’re chugging or pursing the lips,” says Eric Barnes, KOR co-founder and CEO. “We have ‘good, better, best,’ with the more complex design in KOR One and Delta to the beautiful but simple style of Aura. We’ve kept Cost of Goods low to target new distribution channels at a price point that competes with mainstream reusable bottles.”


Aura comes in two sizes and a happy rainbow spectrum of colors. It also features these other nice things to provide you a superb hydration experience:


Always BPA-Free

KOR Water bottles are made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, an FDA-approved, health-safe material that's durable and beautifully clear.



Sleek designs that are comfortable and natural to hold. Integrated ergonomic handles make carrying extremely simple.


Hygienic Spout

Most bottles force you to drink from an exposed surface, but KOR's covered cap design completely protects the spout from outside germs and particles when not used.


KOR Perfect Spout™

An exclusive, threadless spout that feels great on your lips. Large enough for chugging and inserting most ice cubes, yet small enough to minimize splashing.


As if media coverage wasn’t enough, did you know that KOR products have collectively won international design awards? Having a KOR is like owning a highly coveted designer piece -- only it doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. Here's a selection of what KOR Aura has won:

  • IDEA (2012)
  • iF (2012)
  • Good Design (2011)
  • IDA (2011)
  • Spark (2011)

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